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  • Wotofo CokeBar Zetta 5000 LED Pen
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Wotofo CokeBar Zetta 5000 LED Pen

Chargeable Flavor Series

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Wotofo CokeBar Zetta 5000 LED Pen

Wotofo CokeBar 5000 | An LED-lighted Disposable Vape Pen

Shines from Within

Enjoying a premium vaping experience does not have to be limited to expensive and elaborate atomizers. All the hassle that comes with RDAs and RTAs with their maintenance might not be worth the investment for those curious about vaping. What if we told you that we have released a product that gives you all the fun of the best premium vapes in an entry-level disposable device?

The Wotofo CokeBar 5000 sets a high standard for disposable vapes when it comes to delivering a premium vaping experience in a convenient and hassle-free product. Available in a diverse selection of exotic and exciting colors, the CokeBar 5000 is made using stainless steel and a food-grade PC that ensures durability. It boasts a heating coil powered by nexMESH Tech in the form of a Mesh Coil with a 1.2 Ohms resistance rating. It comes with a 600 mAh battery capacity that delivers up to 5,000 immensely flavorful puffs with an e-juice of your choice from a diverse selection of exotic flavors in 13.0 ml.

If you are new to vaping, want a device that gives you the experience of vaping like with premium devices without the hassles or exorbitant costs of a high-end device, the Wotofo CokeBar 5000 LED Vape Pen is the perfect device for you.

What Makes The Wotofo CokeBar 5000 Such A Great Device?

When you think of disposable vapes, we are sure that your mind instantly thinks of a delicate and poorly constructed piece of plastic that leaks e-juice everywhere and is underwhelming at its best. At Wotofo, we believe in delivering a high-quality experience to all our customers, whether they are beginning their vaping journey or are seasoned vapers. The CokeBar 5000 is our solution for new enthusiasts who want the experience that high-end vapes offer without the drawbacks of owning and maintaining one (let alone the huge costs).

The Wotofo CokeBar 5000 has several high-quality features that make it a massive hit for vape enthusiasts looking for a device that can give them the hit they’re looking for.

A Range Of Exciting Flavors
The worst thing about most disposable vapes is a lack of variety in the flavors you can enjoy. The flavors available are often sub-par and don’t come close to imitating the ‘real’ vaping experience. The Wotofo CokeBar 5000 comes with an impressive selection of flavors that we’ve designed specifically for our disposable line to ensure that you can find the perfect fit to meet your needs.

The amazing variety of flavors available for you through the Wotofo CokeBar 5000 includes:
● Strawberry Ice Cream
● Strawberry Rum
● Peach Ice Cream
● Energy Cherry
● Guava Kiwi Passion Fruit
● Mango Ice Cream
● Watermelon Ice Cream
Watermelon Cantaloupe Honeydew
● Blueberry Raspberry Ice
● Gummy Bear
● Sour Apple
● Grape Ice

Disposable devices are different from high-end refillable devices, and that means they require flavors suited for them. The Wotofo CokeBar 5000 is available in different colors pre-filled with these flavors designed specifically for the device to deliver a flavorful hit with every pull. The 13 ml tank capacity ensures that the e-juice will last as long as the device.

The CokeBar 5000 has a flashing LED illumination. It lights up while vaping or charging, giving this device a unique colorful appearance.

Wotofo CokeBar 5000 LED Vape Pen

● Product Size: ø29.44 mm * 108.3 mm
● Battery Capacity: 600 mAh
● E-Liquid Capacity: 13.0 ml
● Puff Count: Up to 5,000
● Coil Type: Mesh Coil by nexMESH Tech
● Coil Resistance: 1.2 Ohms
● Nicotine Salt: 50 mg /20 mg
● Material: Aluminum Alloy and Food Grade PC
● Charging Port: Type-C

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